Impact Economix

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Company Description

Impact Economix focuses on providing credible and high quality research, evaluation, facilitation and strategy services to improve public sector efficiency and effectiveness and development outcomes.


Impact Economix Vision:

Impact Economix is a passionate, trusted and respected evaluation and economic development consulting company which helps our clients to improve lives by accelerating learning and partnerships focused on achieving socio-economic transformation outcomes and impacts in developing country contexts.


Impact Economix Mission:

Impact Economix uses effective, participatory and innovative processes and methodologies  which strengthen organisation’s capacity to learn from and use quality evidence-based research and insights. We provide relevant, specific and implementable recommendations which strengthen enabling environments and improve accountability, learning, decision-making and value-for-money. We work with government, the private sector, non-profit organisations, academic institutions, civil society groups, multi-lateral organisations and donors through:

  1. Design and planning of interventions (strategies, policies, programmes, projects and including monitoring and evaluation systems;
  2. Applied research and evaluations of public sector capacity development and economic development interventions (strategies, policies, programmes and projects) and Social Responsibility Investment (CSI);
  3. Municipal service delivery improvement processes (including business process improvement); and
  4. Individual and organizational capacity building (including training in red tape reduction as well as M&E).