Here are 5 Trends in Internship Recruitment

In launching Trusted Interns, we’ve conducted extensive research on what’s happening in SA with regards to internship recruitment. Here are 5 trends that are the talk of the town.

1. South Africa and Skills Development

SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) are all about skills development of South African youth. Each department in SA government has allocated time and budget to companies, both within the public and private sectors. SETA is enabling companies across the board with the financial means to hire interns. Although this may not be a new trend, they have gone through changes since it was establishment 20 years ago and are certainly contributing greatly to opportunity creation in our beautiful country.

2. Digital here, digital there, digital everywhere

According to Indeed.com, The most recent generation is more active on mobile devices, with 78% of job-seekers using cell phones to find jobs as of 2016. This comes as no surprise because mobiles offer the mobility in this rat-race. Pageup says that this year, companies will acknowledge this trend and are set to align their graduate recruitment processes with that of the millennial’s digital savviness. Bottom line, if you’re a company that’s hiring for the future, make sure your communication and platforms are designed with mobile first in mind.

3. You’re not just any grad – you’re a person too

Companies are recognising graduates and first-time job-seekers as the future. The intention behind hiring interns is really to help individuals lay a very strong foundation in their future careers. Companies like Rhino Africa Safaris, SweepSouth, Red & Yellow School of Business and GetSmarter (to name a few) who dedicate a large amount of their time and resources to their Internship Programmes, are the way forward. They treat you like part of the team, have epic onboarding programmes and often offer permanent employment after the internship is complete.

4. Insta for everyone

Sprout Social says that people starting out their careers (18-29 year-olds) are the largest demographic on Instagram. What does that mean for grads? They get a glimpse of what’s happening behind closed doors of companies that they’re interested in working for. We consider this to be a game-changer because everyone wants a taste first, to see if they like it.

5. Managing the Talent Relationship

We all hate radio silence, especially when it comes to job inquiries. Talent Relationship Management is fast becoming a trend in that companies are making sure that they are almost always contactable through social media, chatbots and automated emails. At Trusted Interns, we’re making sure to stay on top of this one.

Processes are constantly evolving and this could not be truer within all facets of recruitment, especially grad opportunities. Keen to chat about this or just be part of the movement? Let us know here.

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