We help unemployed youth
get their first job

We help unemployed youth get their first job

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Our purpose

We believe that talent is normally distributed in our world, but opportunity is not.

The first career opportunity can be the difference between someone realising their full potential in life and not.

We exist to make sure everyone gets that first opportunity.

Some of the highlights to date

job seekers
lives changed

Our mission is to make more career opportunities, more accessible to more first-time job seekers, more often.

Our values


Be autonomous but take accountability.


Do your thing but be totally transparent.


Be cognitively curious about everything.


Embrace the journey of lifelong learning.


Be helpful and humble, always.

"We needed high quality interns at short notice, and thanks to excellent shortlisting service from the team at Trusted Interns, and a marketplace which makes proactive reaching out easy, the impossible was pulled off in less than two weeks. Highly recommended, we will be using them again in the near future."
Matt Brownell
Head of Brand Marketing, Yoco

Our immediate family

We’re a family connected by a common purpose: We all embody philanthropy and have a genuine desire to change the world. 

Everyone in our team starts as an intern and is hired through our very own platform.

Louise Copland

Head of Talent
Louise joined us as a Candidate Success Intern. She grew in spaces and now heads up the talent division. She's also our content queen.

Rendani Mathikhi

Head of Customer
Rendani started off as a Customer Success Intern and our clients fell so in love with her, that she now heads up the department.

Jason Schwegmann

Head of Operations
Jason is the organised one of the bunch. He dots his i's and crosses his t's. Customer Success Intern turned Head of Operations.

Jaryd Raizon

Founding Intern
Jaryd is the founder of Trusted Interns and does a bit of everything. Most of his time is focused on customer experience and tech.

Lunga Hlahla

Candidate Success Intern
Lunga is the latest addition to the Candidate Success team. He's also an incredible graphic designer and content creator.

Sinazo Sobekwa

Customer Success Intern
Snazzy Sinazo joins us as a Customer Success Intern to put her Honours in Org Psych

Our extended family

Since launching, we’ve helped give work experience to a number of wonderful humans. So wonderful in fact, that they were able to move on to do to great things.

We still consider them close members of our family. 

Taryn Howard

Chulumanca Ngesi

Gloria Mboma

Cheslin Scheepers

Gabriella Fish

Stefan Manuel

Amanda Khumalo

Odwa Kula

Would you like to join our family?

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